Friday, 3 May 2013

Hey guys, i love jennette mccurdy, love you all

P.s. i dont know what im went to do so hear goes :) <3

All about jennette:

Jennette is a talent girl and a amazing actress, she is 21 years young, here full name is jennette muccurdy...the fabulous (i added that in)  ill explain all here hobbies in the next bit :D 

Jennettes hobbies:

Jennette is not just a amazing actress and i mean amazing, she is also a brilliant tap dancer, she has the most amazing voice my favourite song of hers in generation love, she does archery in her spare time, shes good at tennis, shes a good dancer and she is the best rapper in history. 

What has she been in:

As most of you know her from the famous show 'icarly', she is also 
in my favourite movie 'best gamer', from such a small age she was on CSI, she had a episode of victorious which was funny :) there is alot more but ill stop there :)


I would rate jennette a 10/10 for looks in my opinion she is has made a new rate better then perfect she is on top of the rank board,
Jennette has wave blonde hair quite long, the best sparkling brown eyes and she is just amazing search up jennette muccurdy on images and post your ratings here on my channel

Thanks for reading  

Like i said before i have no idea what we are meant to do so that is what i did hehe :) bye xx